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Name:Callum Daniel MacDonald
Birthdate:Aug 11
Location:Boston & New York City, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

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Callum Daniel MacDonald is the identical twin brother of Casey and the first born of the two by three minutes. He is most certainly the more boistrous of the two, and a natural born wanderer. He is a film major student at Harvard University in Boston. He loves anything to do with film, loves to travel with his camera in tow, and he's not one to sit still for very long. The summer before he commenced college, he and Casey went backpacking around Australia and England. Casey enjoyed it, but he had been glad to get home after it. Callum, meanwhile, could have continued all around the world... and maybe one day he will do just that.

The only thing is, he never likes to be away from his twin brother for very long. They are the epitome of an identical twin pair and have a tendency to pine for each other. They're okay being apart if they know when they will see each other again. Callum's a free-spirit who, being bisexual, casually dates both sexes but has never even brushed close to a truly committed relationship unlike his twin brother who has been dating his boyfriend, Sonny, for months now.

Callum was the first born child to Dan, an Architect with his own company in Boston, and Lucy, a Music Teacher at the local high school, who lived in Cohasset, Massachusetts, a small town on the water about 40 minutes drive from Boston. Just over a year later, their younger sister, Autumn, arrived because apparently it really was a myth that you can't get pregnant while you're breast feeding... not even when you're breastfeeding twins. Even though his parents had their hands full, they enjoyed the chaos of having three young children and their mother took a few years off her teaching job to be a stay-at-home mom. Their dad's company was highly successful, so the family were always comfortable financially.

Autumn was very different to the twins. From a very young age (as long as she could sing Disney songs), she wanted to be a performer or an actress. She had high hopes and big dreams, and spent her whole school career thinking she would have a smooth ride into Juilliard and subsequently onto Broadway. She was in every school play and local musical productions, she took singing and dancing lessons, nothing would stop her. The twins had no interest in performing arts at all, but they grudgingly let her drag them into various projects if she needed extra bodies to make herself shine. The twins themselves weren't really chalk and cheese. They were very close and had a lot of similar interests growing up, mostly revolving around anything boy-ish and blokey. Sports, cars, getting dirty, playing rough, Lego, Cops and Robbers, tree houses, pillow forts. They paid Autumn back by dragging her into their games, but it was all in good fun.

Casey grew up wanting to follow in his dad's footsteps. He liked drawing and aimed to work for his dad's company once he finished his degree in college in Architecture at Boston Architectural College (the same college his dad attended). He liked graphic design and photography too, graphics and technical art being very much where his interests laid. Callum, on the other hand, wanted to make movies. He was given his first video camera when he was eight and took it upon himself to film everything Autumn ever performed in. From there on when they were in high school, he start vlogging on You Tube and became a bit of a smash hit through social media. His goal was to get into Harvard Film and Visual Studies degree so he could go on and to be a Movie Director. He worked hard and gained early acceptance into Harvard, and he was over the moon. Unlike Autumn, both boys managed to get into their first choice colleges, which had them staying in their home town and commuting to Boston for classes whilst she shipped herself off to New York to try to work her way up to Broadway the hard way. Casey's gay and Callum is bi, which was ultimately the biggest difference between the twins.

But things took a bad turn for the family not long after Autumn scored the role in the chorus of Broadway production of Cinderella. Casey scored a job interview for an internship with a graphic design business in Boston and his dad, proud of his son for wanting to take an internship as well as study at college, offered to drive Casey into Boston for moral support. On the drive, their dad suffered a sudden and serious heart attack which caused him to blackout at the wheel. It all happened so quickly that he lost control of the car and caused another car to t-bone theirs on the driver's side. His dad was killed on impact, and Casey was trapped in the car with him until they had to free him with the jaws of life. Casey suffered a bad concussion and was knocked unconscious initially, but once he woke back up, he held his dad's hand begging him to be okay. But he wasn't.

Casey had always been exceptionally close to his father, whereas Callum and Autumn were more like their mother. Their dad's death pulled the ground out from under Casey and in his grief, couldn't even consider ever working in the architecture business without his dad mentoring him. He even tried to give a eulogy at his dad's funeral but broke down in such distress, they ended up calling an ambulance for him when he collapsed. He, Callum and Autumn all dealt with the loss of their father in their own ways. Autumn had to throw herself into her performing, wanting to still succeed and do what would have made her dad proud. He had always told her she would make it to a starring role on Broadway. She had still been in the chorus of Cinderella when he died, so he would never see her make her dream come true. Callum also threw himself into his studies and found it hard to talk about their father. He coped with his grief by putting up walls where he didn't have to think about his twin being trapped in the car their father had just died in. He tried to be there as much as he could for Casey, but nothing about the ordeal was easy.

Casey really struggled and ultimately was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. He couldn't go back to college and quit, the nights he wasn't waking from bad nightmares, he would cry himself to sleep at night. He developed an anxiety over being in cars and wouldn't drive anywhere. Instead, he would walk about Cohasset and even further into other towns and sunk himself deep into his passion for photography. At first, he found himself taking photos of buildings his dad had contributed in designing, and then other buildings with architecture he loved. From there on, taking photographs of anything and everything and even made a calendar of his photos from their local area that made quite a bit of money. He spent a lot of time in grief therapy, and a lot of time sitting at the cemetery talking to his dad. Those were the only things that helped him begin to work through the shock of losing his dad.

But the anxiety from the PTSD had been crippling for quite a few months and he didn't function very well. He couldn't study and he couldn't work. It took awhile for his mom to realise that being in the location their father had died was probably what was blocking Casey's ability to recover from the tragedy. He would never stop missing his father and he would never forget him, but he needed a change of scenery and to be somewhere different. He had to get away, and their mom suggested he go stay with Autumn in New York for awhile, where she knew a lot of lovely and supportive people. Casey didn't know if he wanted to be away from Callum at first, but he realised he had to do it. Callum stayed in Boston going to college at Harvard, but the twins spoke every day on the phone and frequently visited each other. As hard as it was for Casey to move away, Callum knew it was the best thing for his brother to try to recover from the trauma he had suffered in losing their dad.

Callum is an Original Character
for musebox / psl, dreamlikenewyork.

Callum is an original muse character with no fandom affiliation.
For RP and muse purposes only. PB is Finn/Jack Harries (identical twins, it's hard to tell who's who in the pictures), who belong to themselves.

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